Plan your visit


  • you can buy souvenirs at the cash desk
  • rubber stamp with monastery at the cash desk
  • upper and lower courtyard free of charge


  • Parking lot for cars, buses and other motor vehicles - 300 m from the monastery (next to wooden bridge).
  • Train station 20 minutes walk from the monastery.
  • bus stop in the village Rájov (Class I road České Budějovice-Český Krumlov) 20 min walk from the monastery.
  • Boating camp on the right bank of the Vltava river near the car parking lot.



On all tours only small pets in a carrier bag or in one's arms.


Bike stands are in the upper and lower courtyard.


  • Beverage vending machine for hot drinks in the lobby in front of the cash desk.
  • There are restaurants in the village, open only from June to September.