Meeting places (closed from 13 August, 2020)

The exhibition "Meeting Places in the literature of South Bohemia and Eastern Šumava" is located on the first floor of the large convent. The exhibition maps literary events in South Bohemia and on the Czech-Austrian-German border from the Middle Ages to the present. Emphasis is placed on the clear representation of the ties of regional authors to the individual sites of the region. The simultaneous coexistence of three languages (Czech, German and Latin) in the area is also observed. Ten key literary themes, located in the former monks' cells, eventually giving recognition to the links between different styles and genres in literature. Visitors will be able to look at familiar places from the perspective of literary history. The exhibition follows not only the documentation but also the educational goals and is therefore a particularly suitable supplement to school education for students and teachers from the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. For preparation of an exhibition tour the website can be used, where all texts are published.

Basic information

  • unlimited

Opening hours

Period Days Hours
30. 9.–8. 6. closed
9. 6.–5. 7. Tue–Sun 9.00–16.30
6. 7. Mon 9.00–16.30
7. 7. (Tue) closed
8. 7.–30. 8. Tue–Sun 9.00–16.30
31. 8. (Mon) closed
1. 9.–27. 9. Tue–Sun 9.00–15.30
28. 9. Mon 9.00–15.30
29. 9. (Tue) closed
30. 9. Wed 9.00–15.30


Without guide

  • Full 60 CZK
  • Children 0-6 years free
  • Youth 6-18 years 40 CZK
  • Family (2 full + 1-3 kids up to 15 years) 150 CZK
  • Seniors 65+ 40 CZK
  • ISIC or EYCA Cards 40 CZK
  • ZTP/P Guide free
  • Journalist with press accreditation free

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